Education Programs

Agreements with overseas societies

The Society has collaborative agreements with the following nine societies:

  1. The Societe Francaise D'Energie Nuclearire (Agreement conclusion date 1996.5.29)
  2. Canadian Nuclear Society(1998.2.19)
  3. American Nuclear Society(1999.4.15)
  4. Korean Nuclear Society(2004.9.6)
  5. Hungarian Nuclear Society(2000.3.3)
  6. the Czech Nuclear Society(2001.11.20)
  7. The Chinese Nuclear Society(2004.6.1)
  8. Australian Nuclear Association Inc.(2004.10.1)
  9. The British Nuclear Energy Society(2005.4.19)

Atomic Energy Student Exchange Program between Japan, the United States of America, and Europe

(Sponsors: The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan and the Japan Atomic Power Company)

  • Dispatch of students from Japan to research facilities in Europe and the United States of America.
  • Hosting of students from Europe and the United States of America at universities in Japan

International Atomic Energy Student Exchange (Japanese Only)

Atomic Energy Student Exchange Program between Japan and South Korea

  • 2000 to 2004: Exchange study abroad for Japanese and Korean students with “Atomic Energy Student Exchange Program between Japan and Korea.”
  • From 2005: Program name changed to “Atomic Energy Student and Young Researcher Exchange Program between Japan and South Korea” and the scope is widened to include students and young researchers, with joint summer schools held in Japan and South Korea (twice a year, once each in Japan and South Korea).
  • Part of the operating expenses for holding events in Japan were provided by the “International Cooperation Promotion Fund.”

Pacific Nuclear Council (PNC) and Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (PBNC)

  1. Established: November 1989, as non-government organization (NGO).
  2. Purpose: Exchange information and promote cooperation pertaining to atomic energy sciences and technologies, as well as their uses in the Pacific Rim region.
  3. Member societies (15 members, listed in order of admission): American Nuclear Society; Canadian Nuclear Society; Canadian Nuclear Association; Korean Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.; Atomic Energy Society of Japan; Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.; Sociedad Nuclear Mexicana; Latin American Section of the ANS; Chinese Nuclear Society; Nuclear Energy Society of Taipei; Australian Nuclear Association; Indonesian Nuclear Society; Nuclear Society of Thailand (as observer); Nuclear Society of Russia; and Korean Nuclear Society.
  4. General meetings: Held two times in a year in conjunction with general meetings of ANS, as well as other major international meetings (such as GLOBAL).
  5. Secretariat: Michael Diekman, American Nuclear Society
  6. Sponsored international meetings: Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (PBNC), held twice annually.
  7. Web page :

INSC : International Nuclear Societies Council(International Nuclear Societies Council)

  1. Established: November 1990, as a non-government organization (NGO), IAEA observer.
  2. Purpose: Promote academic exchanges and cooperation on a global scale for the peaceful use of atomic energy.
  3. Member societies (38 members, listed in alphabetical order):
    • American Nuclear Society (ANS)
    • Asociación Argentina de Tecnologia Nuclear (AATN)
    • Associação Brasileira de Energia Nuclear (ABEN)
    • Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ)
    • Australian Nuclear Association (ANA)
    • Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS)
    • Egyptian Society of Nuclear Science and Applications (ESNSA)
    • European Nuclear Society (ENS)
      • Austrian Nuclear Society
      • Belgian Nuclear Society
      • British Nuclear Energy Society
      • Bulgarian Nuclear Society
      • Croatian Nuclear Society
      • Czech Nuclear Society
      • Danish Nuclear Society
      • Finnish Nuclear Society
      • French Nuclear Society
      • German Nuclear Society
      • Hungarian Nuclear Society
      • Israel Nuclear Society
      • Italian Nuclear Society
      • Lithuanian Nuclear Energy Association
      • Netherlands Nuclear Society
      • Nuclear Society of Russia
      • Nuclear Society of Slovenia
      • Nuclear Society of Thailand
      • Romanian Nuclear Energy Association
      • Slovak Nuclear Society
      • Spanish Nuclear Society
      • Swedish Nuclear Society
      • Swiss Nuclear Society
    • Indian Nuclear Society (InNS)
    • Israel Nuclear Society (IsNS)
    • Korean Nuclear Society (KNS)
    • Latin American Section (LAS)
    • Nuclear Energy Society Taipei, China (NEST)
    • Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS)
    • Sociedad Nuclear Mexicana (SNM)
  4. General meetings: Held twice annually.
  5. Web page :