How to Join

The Society, established in February 1959, celebrated its 50th anniversary in February 2009. The Society is the only organization in Japan with the aim of contributing towards progress in the development of atomic energy through academic and technological advances pertaining to the peaceful use of atomic energy.

The importance and urgency for securing a stable supply of energy and implementing global environmental protection measures are increasing against a backdrop of rising crude oil prices and global warming. The role of the Society, which a group of experts organized for the purpose of developing and facilitating progress in the use of atomic energy and radiation, is changing to implement a wider scope of action than previous activities, which were primarily a mutual study among the membership, with growing expectations for the Society to take a more proactive stance and take the initiative to implement activities for society in general.

In order for the Society to respond to such expectations, it is essential that more researchers, engineers and interested parties, involved with atomic energy, as well as the relevant local governments, organizations and business enterprises, become members to support the activities of the Society.

Mail Service

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan provides an information email service to convey the Society’s related information as quickly as possible to its membership.

Registration for an email subscription is being offered at all times. Interested parties are encouraged to register.