Invitation to ATOMOΣ

What is ATOMOΣ?

ATOMOΣ cover

The journal of the Society, named “ATOMOΣ”, as well as the cover design, underwent a complete renewal in the April 2007 issue.

The expression “ATOMOΣ” means “indivisible” in Greek and this is the root of the English term, “atom”. Democritus, a philosopher of ancient Greece about 2,400 years ago, believed that there is a minimum unit of matter that one could obtain by repeatedly dividing matter into smaller fragments, beyond which further division is not possible. He called it “ATOMOΣ”.

In response to calls for a new name this name was selected from proposals through this journal and the web site of the Society. The proposed name was expressed in Katakana script of Japanese, however, the Greek character version was adopted as the etymology of the expression, which was Greek.

This journal is distributed not only to persons affiliated with atomic energy, but also to local governments and the media, those involved with atomic energy. It is hoped that the new design for the cover will appeal to people in general and prompt them to pick it up and read the journal. It is also hoped that the journal serves a role in providing an understanding about atomic energy to as many people as possible.

Contributors to the journal are requested to write in a language that can be understood by persons who are not experts in this field, since this is not a journal intended for experts only. Articles have been evaluated to become more legible to people in general in the recent past, however, more effort is needed. Once the objective is achieved and the journal becomes familiar to all people, only then can the journal be considered renewed as a journal familiar to and read by all.

We shall continue to strive for improvements and we ask for your continued guidance and support.