Mail Service

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan provides an information email service to convey the Society’s related information as quickly as possible to its membership.

Registration for an email subscription is being offered at all times as described below. Interested parties are encouraged to register.

Furthermore, this service is available in the Japanese language only.

Contents of previous email distributions (Japanese Only)

How to join?

Access the email member registration & cancellation page to register or to terminate the distribution of information emails. (Enter only an email address on the form.)

To change a registered address, enter the new address and delete the old address on the email member registration & cancellation page. Be sure to make the necessary changes with the member information as well.
(Note that the changes implemented on the email member registration & cancellation page are not reflected in the member information.)
* If emails are undeliverable repeatedly, distribution will be automatically terminated.
If you notice that you have not been receiving our emails lately, re-register your email address.

Email member registration & cancellation page (Japanese Only)