Privacy Policy

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Established: November 25, 2005
(approved by the Board of Directors)

Privacy Policy of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan strives to protect personal information in an appropriate manner by establishing a privacy policy as described below.
  1. Collection of personal information
  2. The Atomic Energy Society of Japan collects information, which is provided arbitrarily by the users of the various services offered by the Society, as well as the interested parties involved in examinations and reviews for the operations of the Society, within the necessary scope. When personal information is collected the purpose is clearly indicated and the wishes of the provider of the information are honored, as a general rule.
  3. Use of personal information
  4. The Atomic Energy Society of Japan uses the provided personal information within the scope of the following. Furthermore, except for extraordinary reasons, the provided personal information is never disclosed to a third party without the consent of the person providing the information.
    1. Once an identity has been authenticated, services are provided for which an application for use is made, with use charges invoiced, as well as the changes, terminations, suspensions and notifications on the cancellation of a contract pertaining to the use of the provided services.
    2. Notices for General Meetings and Voting Forms are issued, as well as provided information necessary for the administration of the Society, such as mutual communications between the committee members.
    3. Other than the above, investigations provide information relating to various services offered by the Society or for improving such services.
      Personal information may be used and disclosed for purposes other than the intended purpose at the time it was collected, for any of the following reasons:
      1. When required by the stipulations of law.
      2. When requested by the provider of the information.
      3. When a part or all of the data processing work for personal information is outsourced within the necessary scope, in order to achieve the operative objectives (for instance when names and addresses are supplied to a company to which a delivery service is outsourced).
  5. Management of personal information
  6. The Atomic Energy Society of Japan takes the utmost care to manage personal information properly to ensure that the information collected will not be leaked to the outside, or subjected to damaging or tampering, or lost. Information disclosed to others by the party providing the information, or if the personal information is already disclosed information, such information is considered outside the management of the Society.
  7. Disclosure and correction of personal information
  8. The Atomic Energy Society of Japan discloses personal information when requested to do so by the person who provided the information, regarding their own personal information, as a general rule, without delay. Furthermore, when a request is received regarding corrections to personal information from the provider of the information, then such corrections are implemented as a general rule, without delay.
  9. Handling on web site
  10. Cookies are not used on the web site established by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). The responsibility for the use of the Site lies with the user. The Atomic Energy Society of Japan bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may arise from the use of the information acquired from this Site or other sites to which links are provided on this Site.
  11. Changes in Privacy Policy
  12. The Atomic Energy Society of Japan may change the Privacy Policy without notice. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always applied to the personal information collected by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan. Such changes are posted on the Site of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, regardless of the nature of such changes and such changes become effective as of the day on which they are posted on the Site.
  13. Contact for inquiries relating to the handling of personal information
  14. For questions regarding the protection of personal information at the Atomic Energy Society of Japan, please contact the following section:
      General Affairs Section, the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
    • Phone: +81-(0)3-3508-1261
    • Fax: +81-(0)3581-6128
    • Email: atom[at] (Please replace “[at]” with “@” when contacting us.)