Position Statement

June 1, 2016
Public Information Committee

Position Statement

The Atomic Energy Society of Japan issues position statements on the subjects that are of concerns of the societies related to and responsible for the peaceful use of atomic energy. Our objective is to address our opinions in an easily understandable manner, and we believe such information and outcomes we have earned through our activities should be disclosed to the societies as well as to the general public as a matter of transparency and as to our responsibility. We hope these statements and knowledge will be shared widely and hope it will contribute and be beneficial to both the members of the societies and the general public.
Position statements (division in charge of drafting is indicated inside the brackets):
  • AESJ-PS016 ITER Project (Fusion Engineering Division)
  • AESJ-PS013 Radiation Protection of Workers Who Handle Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials(NORM) (Health Physics and Environment Science)
  • AESJ-PS010 Nuclear Fuel Recycling (Reprocessing and Recycle Technology Division)
  • AESJ-PS005 Nuclear fuel Cycles and Nuclear Nonproliferation (Reprocessing and Recycle Technology Division)
  • AESJ-PS004 Effects of low-level radiation exposure on human health (Health Physics & Environmental Science Division)
  • AESJ-PS003 Geological Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste (Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Environment Division)
  • AESJ-PS002 Externalities of Energy and Nuclear Power (Social and Environmental Division)
  • AESJ-PS001 Development of Sustainable Energy (Social and Environmental Division)
The following position statements are under preparation and will be posted in the near future;
  • AESJ-PS017 Use of Accelerator and Beam in Medical Field (Subcommittee on Particle Accelerator and Beams Science)
  • AESJ-PS015 Overseas deployment of nuclear power industry (Operation and Power Division)
  • AESJ-PS012 Effect of Nuclear Power Generation on Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emission (Social and Environmental Division)
  • AESJ-PS011 Clearance (Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Environment Division)
  • AESJ-PS009 Prospect of quantum beam applications (Subcommittee on Particle Accelerator and Beams Science)
  • AESJ-PS008 Information dispatch and safety-evaluation of accident on nuclear power -Posture as academic society member- (Operation and Power Division)
  • AESJ-PS006 Nuclear Reactor Safety (Nuclear Safety Division)
In addition, the following position statements are under revision reflecting the lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident;
  • AESJ-PS007 Risk-informed, Performance-based Inspection (Nuclear Safety Division)

Note: PS014 is missing number due to the integration with PS004

Our position statements are prepared according to the following procedure:

  1. Each subcommittees of the society proposes an original draft to the Position Statement Working Group established by the Public Information Committee.
  2. Adjustments on the original drafts are made by the members of the working group, which are then summarized as the second drafts.
  3. These are then featured on the web site to invite opinions from the members of the society.
  4. The opinions received by the members of the society are reflected on the final drafts by the subcommittees that has originally written the draft and submitted to the working group.
These drafts are verified by the Working Group and were finally approved by the society board.
These position statements are categorized into “Opinions”, “Recommendations”, “Descriptions” and “Others”, by the subcommittees which originally drafted the position statements.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all members who have offered their precious opinions, as well as to members of the relevant subcommittees who were involved in the preparation of the original draft.
Expressions used in the statements were prepared by paying an attention to stick with simple phrases and words that are easily understandable and kind to the non-experts. However, as an excuse, due to the difficulties of converting the technical words into general expressions, there may still be some unfamiliar expressions for the non-experts left in the content.
Statements that are already featured on the web site will undergo regular improvements by reflecting the opinions provided by the society members. The Public Information Committee of the Society welcomes any comments or opinions from the members of the societies related to these position statements.