Advisory Committees

Establishment and administration of advisory committees

Advisory committees of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan comprise of research advisory committees involved in the investigation and research of topics that have been selected by the Society and special advisory committees involved in the investigation and research of prescribed topics with a commission or grant received from external organizations. In any advisory committee, the activities are expected to be administered voluntarily by each individual committee, and specifically, the following tasks must be executed by an individual committee:

Advisory Committees List

List of advisory committees for FY2010 (as of November 2010)
Special advisory Established period Head Related subcommittees

Nuclear Codes

1965- Toshikazu Takeda Computational Science


1965-2011.6 Masayuki Igashira Nuclear Data

Atomic Energy Education and Research

1978-2011.3 Kazuhiko Kudo Education Committee

Stable Operation of Reprocessing Plants and Research into Basic Chemistry for Processing and Disposal Technologies of Waste Materials

2002.4-2011.3 Satoru Tanaka Reprocessing and Recycling

Mass Media Press Releases, as well as Establishment and Substantiation of Database for Public Opinion on Atomic Energy

2005.7-2011.3 Hiroshi Kimura Society and Environment

Nuclear Power Plant Earthquake Safety

2007.12-2011.12 Hirotada Ohashi Safety

Quality Management of Radioactive Waste Materials Destined for Geological Disposal

2009.5-2011.3 Osamu Tochiyama Backend

Review of “Securing Safety for Geological Disposal Projects 2010”

2009.10-2011.3 Kunio Higashi Backend

Advancement of Containment Safety Evaluation Methods for Radioisotope Transport Containers with Monte Carlo Method

2009.10-2011.3 Yukio Sakamoto Radio Technology

Consideration of Shared Research Facilities Needed in Future (Completed)

2009.10-2010.9 Kaichiro Mishima Reactor Physics
Investigative Advisory Established period Head Related subcommittees

Nuclear Safety

1974- Takashi Sawada     ―
Research advisory Established period Head Related subcommittees

Optimized Monte Carlo Calculation Method (Completed)

2006.10-2010.9 Kiyoshi Sakurai Reactor Physics

Subcritical Experiment Data Evaluation

2007.4-2011.3 Toshihiro Yamamoto Reactor Physics

Partitioning and Transmutation, Minor Actinides Recycling

2007.10-2011.9 Masanari Inoue Reprocessing and Recycling

Radiation Shielding

2008.4-2012.3 Hideo Hirayama Radio Technology

Maintenance (Updating) of Two-phase Flow Database and Detailed Evaluations

2008.8-2011.3 Hiroyasu Ohtake Thermal Hydraulics

Application of ceramic materials for advanced atomic energy systems

2008.12-2012.11 Akira Koyama Materials

Next-generation Reprocessing Technologies

2009.4-2011.3 Tadafumi Koyama Reprocessing and Recycling

Use of atomic fuel cycle materials and radiation

2009.10-2011.9 Yasuhiko Fujii Backend

Japanese-type guarantee system for atomic fuel cycle

2009.10-2011.9 Nobuaki Mori Reprocessing and Recycling