JNST Most Article Awards 2014 受賞論文の決定

We are honoured to present the Journal of Nuclear Science and Techonology(JNST) Most Cited and Popular Article Awards 2014, to the following 6 respected papers. These two awards are presented to the first author of paper published in our journal that has contributed to raise the quality and enhanced the speciality of the journal in Nuclear Science and Technology field. This award is presented by the journal Editorial Board, supported by our publisher, Taylor & Francis.

JNST Most Cited Article Award :

JNST Most Popular Article Award:

Detailed descriptions on the two awards are as follows:
(1) the JNST Most Cited Article Award
Established in the year 2012, given to the papers that are frequently cited directly by other research papers during the first 60 months of its publication, which was the year 2008 for this year’s nomination.
(2) the JNST Most Popular Article Award
Newly established in year 2013. This award is given to the papers that are frequently downloaded by the readers of our journal. Articles published in year 2013(Vol.50) was the candidate for this year’s nomination. The impact on free or Open Access articles has been taken into account during the award evaluation process.

Past winners

the JNST Most Cited Article Award

Mathematica programs for the analysis of three-dimensional pore connectivity and anisotropic tortuosity
of porous rocks using X-ray computed tomography image data
Yoshito Nakashima and Susumu Kamiya
Soil-to-plant transfer factors of stable elements and naturally occurring radionuclides (1) Upland field crops collected in Japan Shigeo Uchida, Keiko Tagami and Ikuko Hirai
Extraction of various metal ions from nitric acid to n-dodecanen by Diglycolamide (DGA) compounds Yuji Sasaki, Zhi-Xuan Zhu, Yumi Sugo and Takaumi Kimura
Development of a comprehensive code for nuclear data evaluation, CCONE, and validation using neutron-induced cross sections for uranium isotopes Osamu Iwamoto
Out-of-pile and In-pile Perfomance of Advanded Zirconium Alloys (HANA) for High Burn-up Fuel Yong Hwan JEONG, Sang-Yun PARK, Myung-Ho LEE, Byung-Kwon CHOI, Jong-Hyuk BAEK, Jeong-Yong PARK, Jun-Hwan KIM & Hyun-Gil KIM
Characteristics of oxidation reaction of rare-earth chlorides for precipitation in LiCl-KCl molten salt by oxygen sparging Yong-Jun CHO, Hee-Chul YANG, Hee-Chul EUN, Eung-Ho KIM & In-Tae KIM
Delayed hydride crack velocity of zirconium alloys with the direction of an approach to temperature Young Suk KIM, Kang Soo KIM & Yong Moo CHEONG
Fuel and Core Design of Super Light Water Reactor with Low Leakage Fuel Loading Pattern Kazuhiro KAMEI, Akifumi YAMAJI, Yuki ISHIWATARI, Yoshiaki OKA & Jie LIU

the JNST Most Popular Article Award

Results of environmental radiation monitoring at the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, JAEA, following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident Masanori Takeyasu, Masanao Nakano, Hiroki Fujita, Akira Nakada, Hitoshi Watanabe,Shuichi Sumiya and Sadaaki Furuta
Chemical states of fallout radioactive Cs in the soils deposited at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident Naofumi Kozai, Toshihiko Ohnuki, Makoto Arisaka, Masayuki Watanabe, Fuminori Sakamoto, Shinya Yamasaki and Mingyu Jiang
Insights from review and analysis of the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident Masashi Hirano, Taisuke Yonomoto, Masahiro Ishigaki, Norio Watanabe, Yu Maruyama,
Yasuteru Sibamoto, Tadashi Watanabe and Kiyofumi Moriyama
Analyses of core melt and re-melt in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors Fumiya Tanabe
Thermal properties of Three Mile Island Unit 2 core debris and simulated debris Fumihisa Nagase and Hiroshi Uetsuka